R&D is the upfront work to:

  1. Uncover new knowledge
  2. Use that knowledge to conceive strong ideas
  3. Strengthen and bring those ideas to life to the point where their merits/weaknesses can be adequately understood and tested

Essentially, it’s the messy yet disciplined work that will get you the essential features and functions of a Netflix when the only model that anyone thinks is relevant is a Blockbuster.

With R&D, an organization is well placed to decide which solution opportunities are worth bringing into a full development and roll-out cycle.

Some tools to help you strengthen your R&D craft:

R&D Skills

Patterns for Social R&D v1.0
This document captures common ingredients across a range of research and development activities being led by social purpose organizations. These ‘practices’ and ‘patterns’ of Social R&D in action will give practitioners and the sector a point of reference to share and discuss insights emerging from R&D portfolios across a range of methods and contexts.

R&D Resources

Stay tuned!

R&D Tools

Social R&D Support Inventory
For social mission organizations looking to grow their R&D capacity, here’s an early inventory of currently available supports that could be relevant for a range of research and development activities. (The inventory is coded by the key practices noted in Practices for Social R&D v1.0.)


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