How might we accelerate breakthrough solutions to grand challenges?

Over the past 5 years the Social R&D Community, along with funders and policymakers, have begun to craft an ecosystem that unlocks R&D for the social sector.

Why? It has been demonstrated across many different sectors that strong R&D ecosystems generate innovations of high quality and at a high frequency (i.e. new policy, process, program, service, product-classes that elevate or replace existing models).

Why shouldn’t we expect the same in the social sector?

If you are…

  • a service provider looking to create breakthrough solutions;
  • a foundation looking to build innovation capacity internally and across your grantee network;
  • a policymaker trying to arm the sector with innovation supports; or
  • an R&D practitioner from another sector, contact us.

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Let’s work together to create the conditions for social R&D to thrive in Canada!